Monday, August 24, 2009

old book I created, stitched binding, Glue less too

Glue-less binding is a neat but tricky technique.
Look for it on YouTube.
Just a matter of cutting and wrapping the papers around cardboard for the covers and then slipping the pages inside pockets. I know that sounds funny, sorry.
The pages have staples to bind them.
Used a lot in art shows because you can make all kinds of interesting layers.
I learned this and other techniques, when I took a book binding workshop at the University here.
Maybe clueless would be a better name?


lottie said...

That is fabulous and sounds fascinating - I must try and see if I can find it on youtube

Narrative jewelry said...

What a beautiful result Lilla, i love this rusty effect and vintage look. As Lottie, i gonna try to find it on youtube.

You know what ? I received a sweet parcel yesterday. Oh Lilla, you are just... wonderful. So beautiful laces, ribbons, and the purse for sewing needles with ribbon embroidery, great work, it is so delicate... Love too, the vintage image.

I'm not sure to deserve so lovely things. I send you lots of kisses to thank you.

A bientôt mon amie,