Sunday, August 2, 2009

pages from an altered book. the Da Vinci Files

I made this book for a show in a local gallery.
The first one I made sold the first night so I was able to finish another I had started, so the show could maintain all the art pieces.
Here is a sampling.

I am always fascinated
with tales of the Grail, King Arthur and of course the artist Da Vinci.

I am lucky to have visited all the locations in the stories and movies and have over the years followed the legend of King Arthur from Tintagel to Glastonbury across England.
While in NZ I was inspired to visit the travelling Da Vinci Machines exhibit before it returned to Italy. Bella Bella!

Now in the city of lights one may take a tour called the 'Da Vinci Code.
Paris in all her mystery and legend.
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