Sunday, September 27, 2009

Give away to a friend

This month it is a brooch I made mounted on tin.
There are old lace bits, and the word Minuet
I love that old dance, used to do it years ago, so this is a little tribute.
Just post a comment and I will draw from my battered cap.
No that is not my real age!
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Jules said...

Lilla - I always enjoy your blog and love your style. I seem to be all over the place in comparison. I saw you work with techniques from KC Willis and now I am going to Colorado to her studio in October to take a class with her - what fun that will be. Love your Christmas paper dolls - beautiful!
Jules in Tx

Melissa said...

She is so pretty! I always love how you use lace in your work!

Lil said...

I remember years ago we met and my friend and I were able to look at all of your goodies and I bought a few silk prints from you. =) To have a litle bauble of yours would be wonderful.

FredaB said...

Well I must say that you look good for your age whatever it is.

I too love the Christmas dolls and plan on making some for family and friends with all my bits and pieces. Thanks for sharing your work and how to do it with us.



Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Your work has long inspired me, Lilla! I love your use of textures, and your color palettes are BEAUTIFUL! I still enjoy that darling box you made full of treasures when we did Heather's (Pretty Petals) swap! =)

Sharon said...

You silly girl. We know your just 32! Your pin is great, as usual. Tell me Lilla do you dream all these creations up in your sleep? That is if you sleep! Our weather is starting to turn and I wish I was where you are! Hugs, Sharon

Leone said...

I visit your blog everyday and love your beautiful work. I would love to be entered in your draw.

Lottie said...

What a stunning pin Lilla - I would adore it to go with my collection of your bags - but if I am not lucky enough to win - then I am sure that one day a tute will appear, inspiring me to make one.

I can't believe how lucky I was to 'find' you - a short while ago, whilst I was randomly blog hopping.

Since the I have not only bought your bags - but you have truly inspired me to try and have a go myself.

Thank you so much for that alone!


Pattie said...

Beautiful beautiful work as usual,I love it !! xx

Sherry said...

Beautiful work as always Lilla - thanks for the opportunity.