Friday, September 18, 2009


I am doing several so colors may change.
First installment today.

Prepare a print.
I like two 5x7" on a page. Enhance color with a program if you would like. I do. Or you could add color later.
Next print on good paper.
If you can find Printworks Matte photo paper it is the best.
Walmart used to carry it but not here anymore.
Fussy cut the images and glue with Elemers, scraped on with an old credit card, to poster board.
When dry glue pretty suitable scrapbook paper to the back.
Press together with an old towel to push out any bubbles.
See I am trying to be more specific.
Then cut images on outline and remove the bodice from the skirt.
Glue with gold bottle tacky glue, a craft stick to the skirt and a cord for a hanger, to the top.
See pictures.
Be thinking glitter and trims and feathers and sequins and more.
Next installment coming.

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Saucy Chick Sherry said...

Great specific instructions on your glam Marie ornament. How very nice of you to share your talent with us! Thank you. :o)