Sunday, September 20, 2009

Torso and That head gear!

The main focus is the 'head dress.' Over the top I say.
Pull out all your jazzy trims and feathers.
Scrap-booking trims are good.
Snippets of other projects too.
Red feathers, has the lace trim on her fan, bit of glitter there.
Sequins for buttons down front
Hat has a rose, some leafy trim and a little end of skirt trim.

Use a tooth pick for adding small items, and put some glue out on a piece of paper to dip into.
Pink feather has the quill added, a circle of glitter, a flower gem, leaves and sequins.
Braid trim down front.
Lace, glitter and sequins on fan.
I hope you can see where I am going now.
I will add finished dolls later and other ideas too.
Have a bunch of messy fun.
By the way, I added a bit of paper to the back of the fan where it joins her hand.

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