Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just jars and bottles

Love bottles and jars to decorate and hold things.
Glass is pretty and light, and best of all shows the contents.
I will be adding more pictures and ideas to use for the holidays and all year.
Look for a tutorial coming soon.
Save those pasta sauce jars, have a neat idea for them.


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Looks like a lovely French apothecary! ;) Welcome home, Lilla!

Sharon said...

I am so glad someone else likes glass jars. I save them and get looks from the guys in the family. They just roll their eyes. I love to decorate them and I too like that you can see what's in them. LOL, Sharon

Catharina Maria said...

Lovely bottles !
love Rini

Lottie said...

Lovely ideas Lilla - so very glad you are back posting again.

Hmm - I think I am going to have to start buying ready made pasta - I tend to make all my own sauces etc, but I absolutely need to have some to follow your tute

Createology said...

Your bottles look just fabulous. I was recently thinking of putting some beads and buttons in some glass bottles so I could see them and enjoy their beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

Sherry said...

Such a pretty glass jar Lilla. I must admit to having a little stock of empty jars and look forward to your tutorial.