Friday, October 30, 2009

olde lace samplers

Here are some lace samplers to look at.
See the top one?
That will be a give away this month.
All the lace is old and gathered from here and there.
Leave a comment to describe your love of old lace and I will put it in a drawing.

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Lottie said...

Oh Lilla - what adorable samplers. The reason I love old lace - not that I have any like your samplers - is that it would be a treasured heirloom for my grandchildren.

Something that can be kept and treasured, something loved before me and loved after me.

That's what I miss I guess - not having any 'history' it all starts with me!

Thanks for the chance to enter you draw.

Whether I am lucky enough to win or not is immaterial - just the fact that you share the photos is lovely.

Good luck everyone who enters.

Pattie said...

Beautiful samples Lilla,wish i could find some like that in the UK,they dont make lace like that today !I love working with fabric and lace never thought i would ever say that,being a painter all my life lol....but you are certainly an inspiration with your beautiful work.
Lovely giveaways I hope to do one nearer Xmas x

Chrissie said...

Aaaahhhh, old lace ~ what's not to love!! Delicate beauty and thoughts of gentle by-gone times.

Thanks for the chance to be in the draw Lilla.


Cathy K said...

Wow, gorgeous samplers. As a crazy quilter, my favorite of all the things I collect (fabrics, fibers, lace, beads, etc.) is definitely lace. Started when I was a girl and my great-grandmother (Oma) would crochet doilies and edgings. I've collected it for years, and love to share with my fellow CQ'ers. Lace speaks to me of the (feminine) past stronger than anything and even little snippets can be honored, as you have done in those samplers (and I do in CQ). Hugs, Cathy

Leone said...

These are such beautiful laces, they would be wonderful to use as I learn to crazy quilt. My ancestors in England were lace-makers so I feel a connection to old laces. Thank you offering this beautiful sampler.

Pattyjo said...

They are great samples of old lace pieces. I think the lace in the older days are better, because they were done by hand or with great care. Now days its usually done by a machine with lots of imperfections.

Sherry said...

I love anything vintage and although I haven't worked much with lace (not the sort of lace in your pictures anyway) I always admire pieces that have lace incorporated into them - something magical and romantic about it. Thanks for the opportunity Lilla.

Cara Scarlett said...

These are just BEAUTIFUL!

Lace...I have been in love with lace for as long as I can remember. I guess part of the reason is the fact that it can take you back in time. I always thought I may have been born too late in time, because I am SO drawn to things of the past! And lace has always been a favorite for me---in clothing, decorating, and accessories, etc... The possibilities are endless!

Any chance to win anything you do is an honor--thanks Lilla!


Carol Mae said...

Hi Lilla again, I just keep reading more of your blog ha,ha, I would love to be in the drawing. I have adored old lace since I was little. Just can't get enough of it. Thanks, Carol