Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cottingley Fairies

I am fascinated with Fairies, elves and all kinds of folklore and wee people.
Used to see elves under the big orange spotted toadstools by our pine trees, when I was a child.
Childhood was indeed magical.
This story continues to enthrall, how did the cousins capture the imagery with an old box camera?
On one of my trips I picked up this English paper with an update of the story.
In these times, how about a little magic?
To read more look at articles in Wikipedia.
Arthur Conan Doyle was impressed and believed they did live in the Fairy Bower.
Inspiration for Art perhaps.

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Createology said...

You certainly do come up with the most interesting blog materials. I love fairies and think they are magical. Thank you for the art idea.