Sunday, December 6, 2009

Around the studio

Give away has finished, drawing names today so I can mail tomorrow.

Freda won this time. But since you are all so nice, if you email me your address I will send all of you one of my French cards which I bought in NZ at a Museum.
Thanks to all.

Little doll is one I created .
She is for sale too! See my Etsy shop.
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Lottie said...

Fantastic Lilla - and love the bird ornaments.

As much as I would love a postcard - I don't live in the US and would not want to out you to that expense.

I am offline for a couple of days but will be back following your every post asap

Gerry said...

Congrats, Freda.
You're one lucky gal.

Sherry said...

Congratulations Freda!

I'm the same as Lottie Lilla (live outside USA), but thank you anyway.

Love your gorgeous doll!