Thursday, December 17, 2009

Breakfast on my Lanai

We have some wonderful Farmers' markets and bakeries here. This is how I spent a quite half hour. Listening to the birds in the avocado tree and munching my breakfast repast.
No I did not eat all 3 croissants, they come in threes.
So big I could not eat a complete pastry.

Thought you may like to see my backyard view and one of my bougainvillea, it needs nurturing along.
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Pat Winter said...

Oh yum Lilla! I'll be right over!

Pearl said...

The house are way to cute, and ah yeah I'll be right over to for coffee. Thanks for the flower shot I so needed some color. It's dreary around here. Happy Chritmas
P.S. I received my French card today that you sent and it's really beautiful. Thank you so much Lilla

The Rustic Victorian said...

I will be right over!!!!! YUM!