Monday, December 14, 2009

Make re-cycled bookmarks

The template should be about 7" tall.
Print several and cut.
Fold down center , take a piece of magazine page, 'Martha' for me. Fold it in half and cut a piece to match template. Place both folded edges together and clip at top to hold in place while you cut the V shapes. Be precise.
Now remove paper and begin to make folds with the bigger V.
Fold down leaving the little peaked piece.
The flaps will lap the one below, see picture.
Carefully glue that in place over another piece of thicker page, like the cover.
Trim nicely.
Punch a hole at top and thread through string or yarn.

The folder is twice as long as the bookmark plus couple inches. About 1" wider too.
Fold into 3, punch a hold on each side where the pocket is and add a tie to hold together.
Decorate these if you like. Add beads to the top. Write a verse on the back or add the name of the book perhaps.
They can be laminated if you wish to make them more lasting.

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Lottie said...

Stunning as always Lilla - you just ooze talent!