Friday, December 4, 2009

Make some ornaments

I was making glitter ornaments for a gift exchange tomorrow and thought you may like to create some of my birdies.
I cut them out of card, glittered them, and cut the place for the wing.
Threaded wing through and secured on the back with glue.
Added a hanger and there you are. The eye is a black bead.
They swing prettily on a tree.


Household 6 said...

I love it, Lilla! I happen to have my glitter out on the counter, my bambinos are occupied, I finished silver-leafing my Turkey wish-bone, and now I want to make some Lilla-Birds :)

Pearl said...

Lovely, anyway you can make a download of a pattern for us non artists? I would love to make these! Thanks Lilla

Cara Scarlett said...

I can only imagine how beautiful your home is for the holidays!

Sherry said...

Very pretty Lilla!

Household 6 said...

Aloha :) I made your birdies this weekend and shared them on my blog! They are so fun, I think they're perfect for any time of the year - but right now they're swinging on the dining room tree!
Thanks for the sweet idea!

Barbara Jean said...

thanks for sharing

barbara jean