Saturday, January 16, 2010

how I make the dress

So easy, just cut 2 pieces of fabric to my dimensions or your own.
Roughly pleat as you sew the top of the skirt
Fold the bodice piece in half with fold at top.
Attach skirt to the bodice and sew like I show you to join the top and skirt together.
I gathered this top of skirt to 3".
Sew a neckline too and then cut away the extra.

Add a little bow to the bodice or perhaps a bow and button.
The ideas are endless. Glue the bow on so you can thread a cord or ribbon through to hang on a clothes line.
See a version below.
Maybe use tiny closes pins to clip onto a ribbon or thread.

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Createology said...

Thank you Lilla. You said it was easy and I believe you!!! How cute these are. I have a mini clothesline in my laundry that I should make one for. Too Cute!!! Thank you very much for sharing.

Eve said...

Thanks a lot for the Tutorial..
It seems to be really easy ;)
Eve ;)