Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pin keep, Colonial style

Here is a quick project.
Nice way to keep pins handy in a work basket, or use as an ornament.
Cut 2 circles each of cardboard, thin batting and velvet or linen.
Cut the fabric circles 1/2" bigger around.

Cover the card with batting and fabric and glue to reverse side.
Attach them back to back and whip stitch around the edge. I used ribbon.
Make a hanger if you like, I did on one.
Embroider the front with ribbon or thread. Or use a motif from lace.
Poke glass head pins around the edge.

The aqua with violets has a hand painted background.
The heart could be a Valentine.


Createology said...

I love this idea. Your head must be overflowing with all your clever projects. Thank you again for so generously sharing.

Sherry said...

They look so sweet - and useful too.

Tina Wilson said...

so pretty! and they look easy to make too.where do you find the ribbons for embroidery? and patterns for the flowers, do you just free style it?

Lilla said...

Ribbons from my collection or from a wonderful store here in Honolulu.
'Creations by You.'
I just wing it with the flowers.
Always hoping for the best. Never know how they will turn out.