Saturday, February 27, 2010


As I write this the sirens are sounding and we have a Tsunami warning under way.
I live a mile from the beach and am not in the evacuation zone, thankfully.
Picture of normal Waikiki, today the beach is empty, been evacuated.
Did see 2 surfers out there!
We do not expect it to be too major here, arrival time is an hour from now.
I am ready! Water, food, and more on board.
aloha Lilla


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Glad to see this post, Lilla! Isn't it amazing how scientists can predict these things now, to help prevent disaster?!

Lottie said...

Keep safe and all those on your island -thinking of you

Leone said...

We had a warning earlier also, on the coast of British Columbia but that has been lifted. Keep safe hope it doesn't hit too hard.

Pat Winter said...

Hi Lila , I was thinking of you this morning when mom phoned to tell me to turn on the news. My brother lives in HI and she was worried. It is great to hear you are fine.