Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Victorian baby sock

I had a pair of Victorian baby socks that were knitted, and over a hundred years young.
Found at an estate sale years ago.
After a while and no ideas I gave them to my local thrift shop.
Recently rummaging through a box of discards there, guess what I found?
So the rest is easy, took them back and gave them a bit of a vintage alteration.
Here is one. Other is languishing in my studio waiting an update.
Where did the photos go?
Blog mishap, here they are now, thanks for letting me know.


Createology said...

No photos show on my screen however I can imagine how precious these are. You sound just like me. I donate my things to the thrift store and then shop there and I swear I buy my own items back. At least the charity is making some money. LOL Happy creating...

Pam Kellogg said...

How absolutely precious Lilla! So beautiful!

sandra said...

What a funny story. I can't believe you ever let these go...you must have been meant to have them! At any rate, you've have made them GORGEOUS!!!!

My Journey to Hope said...

These are stunning! I'm so glad you can upgrade them with new life and beauty!

:) Michelle