Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trims and things

Things I am playing with.
Cushion cover for a daughter, also the sachet.
Trims wound onto Paris tags, and some French text I use for stuff. Ooh la la!


Candylei said...

Hi! I had to come and say aloha to you from a link Jenny had of you on
How cute to think of you doing french chic in Hawaii! And now I'm having a look about and it's great to make your acquaintanc here.
Aloha, Candylei

Pattyjo said...

Your cushions are absolutely gorgeous! I bought a pillow cover on line that has a pic. on the front and I love the look on my chair.
You make such beautiful things and I love reading your blog and seeing your projects.

Catharina Maria said...

That is a lovely post !

Lottie said...

Well done Coleen - hope you have such fun with your gift.

Love the trims and cushions and things today

I used one of the bags I bought from you today on my trip to the hospital - the little purple one - just big enough for my specs and appointment card - it really cheered my up just having it with me and looking at it - knowing that it is a one off original.

I always get nice comments about your bags - I used them every time I go out - thank you so much - they are worth every penny

stampdiva said...

Oh My - gorgeous. Lynne M