Friday, June 11, 2010

A case for travelling

I went to school in NZ many moons ago, we carried a small suitcase at that time.
I found one here all tattered and smattered so gave it a bit of a face-lift.
First a coat of gesso then about 3 coats of tan paint, I had to mix to get colors I liked.
I had the old travel labels so this was a breeze. Glued them on.
There is a great local store here called 'Jams World', it features bright Hawaiian clothing. Their store front has a lot of similar suitcases, open and inside showing Hawaiian cushions, shorts and things.
Love it. You could paint any suitcase and fix it like this.


Home and Heart said...

SO cute!!!

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Oh if only I've traveled all the places your suitcase advertises! ;)

Lottie said...

Oh but your suitcase is so special with lovely metal clasps - just like they used to have.

What a treasure chest it will of your lovely tags etc (no doubt)
I spent the most magical time in NZ - our holiday of a lifetime - and if asked I always say that if you can only go to one country in your lifetime - go to New Zealand - so many aspects of different countries all one on beautiful package.

We stayed only on farms - remote, different, great hostesses and fantastic food - I'll be daydreaming all evening now of our adventures - off to get out the old photo album

BLISS angels said...

Hi wonderful idea... I have a truck I have just painted and need labels like yours where did you find them???? ~Wendy at Blissangels

Sharon said...

Love your case. I use old suitcases for display and storage all the time. Time to gussy them up a bit.