Wednesday, August 4, 2010

lace collage, tutorial

When I make a collage of lace I have no plan, but I do gather some lace bits and pieces.
I like to use several shades of say ecru, or cream and coffee. Mixing them is good.
Begin by laying a foundation of fabric, muslin, scrim or such. Upper R.
Next a fairly large piece of lace that almost covers the foundation.
Next I choose pieces of lace, old doilys or tablecloths or ends of a runner and put in place not covering all the first layer. Upper L.
Now fill in with torn bits of lace and being aware of the gaps. Tuck bad edges under and leave nice parts showing. Think of the use for the piece, in this case a book cover.
I will want the ends to be nicer where they show more. Will not worry so much about the back.
Last part is to stitch with a zigzag on the machine. Not too much but to hold all together and sew around any motifs or flowers. Matching thread.


Terri Gordon said...

Hi Lilla, what a wonderful tutorial, your work is always so beautiful. Thank you for sharing, I love your free style of art, it is just amazing. Hugs, Terri

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Lilla

Such a great tutorial and very generous of you to share it with us. This definitely has your "stamp" on it!

All your art creations are amazing - I hope you'll have a class next time you're in NZ!!

Thank you

Melissa said...

Oh it looks so easy! Thanks for sharing how you do those wonderful lace collages!!! I think I tend to over think how to do it and now I see you just do it!
Again thank you So much for showing us how to do it!!!

Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing your process Lilla - you make it look so easy.

Yitte said...

Hi Lilla,

Thank you for this great tutorial. Have follow your work for some time now and always wonder how you did those wonderful lace covers.

Maureen said...

A great tutorial, thank you, I agree with Melissa that we do tend to overthink things instead we should go with the flow!! The book looks beautiful as is all your work.

Rhonda said...

And this is why I have piles of laces....I'm mixing and matching to create with. Only then do I actually feel like an artist. It's wonderful.

Thank you for sharing your process, you are constantly an inspiration.

Lilla said...

thanks for comments friends.
aloha Lilla

Colette said...

So your sewing here on corrugated cardboard?

Lilla said...

Not sewing on corrugated cardboard.
Laid out there to take photo.

FredaB said...

Thanks for the tutorial Lilla. Beautiful as usual.



Home and Heart said...

Such BEAUTIFUL projects!! I have yet to muster the courage to try fabric collage, so I appreciate your wonderful tutorials!!

Sherry Edwards said...

Thanks again Lilla for this fantastic tutorial which I've used to make a Valentine heart x