Monday, September 27, 2010

More video coming tomorrow,

Let you catch up.

Meantime, I am embroidering another cottage, different colors this time.


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Museum quality, Lilla! Just stunning!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Another exquisite creation Lilla.
These little cottages and their gardens are just wonderful!

Lottie said...

It was just wonderful to see you working and hear your voice - I just adored the videos.

You sewing machine looked 'magic' with the push buttons on it - mine is very very basic. I am so looking forward to more videos.

Your darling little cottage gardens are the most amazing - brilliant

Thank you so very very much for sharing

popsy said...

Lilla, Absolutely stunning. Please show us how to do it. Lynne

Createology said...

I'm not sure I can catch up or keep up with you and your creative muse right now. You are really being productive. Happy creating...

Maureen said...

The cottage and garden look exquisite!!

Barbara Jean said...

Amazingly beautiful work!!

barbara jean

Jan from Wyoming said...

Love your work.

Out of curiosity, were do you get your lovely ribbon? From a website? I purchased a beginner packet from Helen Gibb ( I tried making a pansy (not embroidery style but ribbon work style) a couple of days ago. I can only get a bit of craft ribbon here, so I used that. It's not even close to Helen's gorgeous ribbon, although it will work for my current purpose.

If there are several alternatives for purchasing lovely ribbon online, I would like to know about them. Expensive stuff, that gorgeous ribbon!

Anyway, it's exciting to see the ribbon embroidery you are doing!