Thursday, September 9, 2010

Speaking of Lavender

Here is a little project, very simple.
Very old method for making little lavender sachets.
I like this because you do not have to fuss with making the top edge look good and you can use very fine fabrics to make them dainty.
Another take on the heart motif.
Cut double, the back and front of the shape with the fabric fold at the top.
Decorate the front however you like. I stamped one and did a scrap motif for the other.
I often embroider a simple motif too.
Sew around the 4 layers, leave folded top so you can stuff the sachet.
Whip stitch the folds closed.
Now to make the heart cleavage, stitch about 1 " down from the center fold and loop thread over and pull tightly to create a gather.
Secure it couple times and then make a string or ribbon loop to hang the bag, tie a bow and add any other decoration you like.
Keep it simple.
We used to hang these over a coat hanger, back in the dark ages!


Createology said...

Love this Lilla. Another generous tutorial from you and I do like hearts and sachets. Thank you my dear. Happy creating...

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

These are gorgeous and as you say simple.
I think I'll make a wee batch in the weekend - then I've got them on hand when I need an unexpected gift!!

Thanks Lilla - you're a doll as always "sharing and caring"!

Sharon said...

Oh Lilla you are just to funny. Back in the dark ages. You always have your creative juices flowing. I have been having dreams about Hawaii lately. I wake up and wish I was there. I can almost smell the flowers. MMMM!

Lottie said...

Fabulous - you have such a special way of doing things - thanks for sharing

Rhonda said...

So behind in reading blogs but these are my colors! Love it!

Maureen said...

A great way of creating 'tidy edges', thanks for sharing this lilla!!