Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a bit rusty today

Want to see what I do in my leisure time on my lanai?
I go rusty.
I love Steam Punk and rusted things, the patina charms me and I love to mess about and create something different.
Goes back to my days growing up on a sheep station with a big 'wool-shed' barn to play in.
I mix up some stuff in a jar, and throw in old camera parts, and all kinds of gold and silver looking bits in a big tin I keep of such items.
Then I wonder, what to do with them.?
I could just look at them but that is not much fun.
Here then a couple of quick collages and pendants.


Healing Woman said...

I love rust too. Your pieces turned out great. Do you mind telling what your combo for a rust solution?

MosaicMagpie said...

Love the rusty stuff too. I have a similar jar. The heart pendant is great!

Lottie said...

These are so creative and the colours are so warm and natural.
Truly originals to treasure

Rhonda said...

I'm a huge fan of rusty pieces! I just don't know how to incorporate them in my work. You sure do! I too, need the rust solution secret.

Lisa Madden Bass said...

I think rust has a special charm...I love what you have done with pieces!

Createology said...

I don't think I ever thought of you sitting on your lanai merely rusting finery for your collages. :0) Excellent job my dear...

Oxana said...

Gorgeous pieces!!!