Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sew Provencal stylish, but it is sold

Made this sewing kit, in the style of French mending kits.
There are pockets and a needle book inside.
It comes with a pincushion, I found the French tape measure to complete the gift.
The Sewing wallet is in my shop, Tape measure is separate.


Createology said...

Lovely gifts Miss Lilla.

MeiLing_82 said...

When you say shop, are you referring to your home workspace or a storefront? If you have a storefront or a place where you are selling, where?

Sherry said...

Oh Lilla, it's just perfect!

Lilla said...

I sell my things on Etsy FYI.
Go to Etsy and look for La vie en rose.
thanks for asking

Rhonda said...

Mending kits are my favorite, reminds me of when women did mending. The simpler days.

Yours are so French and beautiful.