Friday, December 24, 2010

Some art and the birds.

Finally drew the bird give away, I had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.
First is Suziqu in Australia, she will receive the lace bird.
2nd wins a ticking bird, she is Lottie in United Kingdom.
Nice to have friends in other countries enjoy my art, be it ever so humble!
3rd ticking bird goes to Miss Createology, thanks for coming by everyone, I do appreciate you.
Best Holiday wishes too.


Uniquely Myself said...

Hello Lilla! This is so beautiful, I just love it. Sandra

suziqu's thread works said...

Another beautiful creation in the softness of pink and lace. It is fantastic to be a winner of your delightful Giveaway especially on Christmas Day - just special and thank you so much for your kindness Lilla,
Hugs, Suzy

Lottie said...

Firstly , thank you so very much my dearest Lilla - and Merry Christmas today.

I haven't had internet so not been able to visit you this week.

As always your work blows me away and thank you so much for your tute - looking forward to trying that in the new year,

I am ecstatic at winning a gorgeous little bird from you - I really, really am.

My sincere best wishes not only for today but for a healthy and happy new year. And no more storms, monsoon, or anything else next year. It worries me so much when I hear your part of the world is getting 'battered'

Keep safe

The English Romantic said...

Merry Christmas Lilla,
Everyone who reads yor blog is a winner!
Have a great time, Angela.

Cassandra said...

OH MY so lovely and inspiring! Your work is stunning!

Happy Holidays

Rhonda said...

Well said, Angela, yes, we are all winners to read your blog and see your wonderful creations.

Congratulations winners, you've been blessed.