Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To put some sunshine in the rain

Oooo! it is cold and wet in the Islands.
We are not used to it at all and go about shivering.
The ornamental orange tree and flood waters outside my bedroom window in the photo taken yesterday.
There was a duck out there, I tried to capture him on camera but he was a bit shy.

Other pics. in my studio whilst trying to brighten my day.
I call this idea, calendar or catalog collage.
I love the thick shiny pages for backgrounds.
Thanks to Nordstrom for the big catalog pages.


Createology said...

I think we are all experiencing a lot of wet weather in this La Nina year. I do hope you are safe from flooding. Love your catalogue page. Happy week to you...

Liszha said...

That is so not what I imagine from Hawaii! Must be terrible for you. Uphere in Holland we have snow, snow and snow like never before! It's gonna be a long winter!

Lottie said...

The weather is playing havoc with us isn't it.

It's been the coldest, snowiest 2010 for 127 years here apparently.

But your lovely summery lady just warms my heart