Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rag dolls?

Another visit to my past with some of the dolls I used to make.
These from my daughter, she has kept them all these years.
Want to point out the lace I used for the petticoats and over-skirts.
Don't tell Mum, but it's part of her old lace curtain.
I still have a bit of it.
I do love to make rag dolls and maybe we can start a revival.


Lottie said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow - I never had a dolly as a child and I can imagine the joy your daughter had with them and can understand how much she treasured them - just beautiful

Createology said...

I so love dolls. These are wonderful and I can see how your daughter kept them as treasures. Happy doll reviving...

Pearl said...

These are gorgeous Lilla! What child would not love these, or grown women. Pearl

sjmcdowell said...


Such sweet dollys you made for you daughter!!
My mother made little sock dolls for me when I was a little girl.
I remember one called "Midge", she was a bit smaller than my other dolls with yellow yarn for hair and blue eye's, black eye lashes, red little lips, that my Mom had embroidered!
I miss "Midge"!!
I have my first Grand daughter now
little Lucia she is about 7 weeks old now. anyway I was going to make her a little doll...maybe like little "Midge" but with some flannel on one side and the soft "Minky" fabric on the other side. I have always made doll clothing but never a doll so it will be a learning process for me.
Thank you Lilla for sharing these sweet dolls with us. It has brought back many fond memories of when I was a little girl!!

Have a wonderful day!!


suziqu's thread works said...

Only a Lilla child could receive a doll like these. You've been in love with these fabrics for many years and it really shows. The cotton laces are gorgeous.

Sherry Edwards said...

Your dolls are fabulous Lilla! How lovely your daughter kept them all these years although I'm not surprised as they're so lovely!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Oh yes...for sure...bring them back again....they are so adorable...just darling little things.
Good use of old curtains.
Doll lover here for sure.


The Rustic Victorian said...

I love cloth dolls too. I am working on some now as a matter of fact...better get back to it!

Rosa said...

Does anyone know of a good source for patterns/inspirations for a rag doll with a real painted face? A friend of mine made one years ago and she painted the muslin on the face cream first before applying the facial outline to paint her features. The company she bought the pattern from was from the US and from the 80's I believe. Thanks for any help!