Friday, February 11, 2011

Embroidery on muslin

Yes Shane I do the embroidery. My machine is at least 20 years old, a Pfaff.
I design the motifs on the computer in my machine.
Then jiggle them a bit, ( tech. Word) to get the right size and look.
Away I go then, sewing, and crossing my fingers and toes.
When I create other letters like single F or P, like I show below on 'French for Valentines', I sit on my lanai and hand embroider them. Labor of love.
Maybe I will do a little video sometime.
Thanks for stopping by everyone and for the weekend wishes dear Rhonda.


suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Lilla - loved your little fabric book video. Can't wait to try this method! I have a Pfaff machine which I love but have never tried to embroider letters - have only ever done this by hand but would love your ideas on machine lettering.
x Suzy

Lottie said...

Wow - fancy having a machine that embroiders letters - I'd be doing yards of them.

It really makes a huge difference to your art

Rhonda said...

I have some of your beautiful embroidery and I'm hanging on to them. They are like gold to me. I don't part with them very easily.

Cheers, Rhonda

Createology said...

Your embroideries are just hand and by Pfaff. Happy Valentine's to you...

Robin said...

You have a beautiful blog here and I just adore your work. Looking forward to visiting again. Have a wonderful day.


The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Lilla,
I love the lettering! Of course I love everything you do.
I finally got my computer back with a new power source, so I posted about you on my blog. I hope it is agreeable.
♥ Thank you again!
Happy Valentines Day!