Monday, February 21, 2011

Have a great Presidents day

One of my projects made Ori-gire style.
I have difficulty explaining how to make the little amulet, so am thinking of creating a short video.
So easy, this little pouch has 2 seams and took all of 15 minutes.
It has a flap and is lined.

I taught this as a class, the versions my students came up with were wonderful.


Jensters said...

Lilla this is wonderful and i would love to see a short video of it being made in such a short time.

Robin said...

It's lovely and I'm sure if you do a video, it will be very helpful! Hope you are having a wonderful "Presidents Day".


sjmcdowell said...

Hi Lilla,

Yes please a short little tutorial would be great! Sweet bag!!

Hugs and sunshine,


Queen Bee's Musings said...

Love it and can't wait to see...

Sharon said...

Just darling and yes a Lilla Video please!

suziqu's thread works said...

Lilla you are a gift yourself - this is so sweet as that gorgeous little lace netted dress. Beautiful!
Hugs, Suzy