Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Printing one size, tutorial

Printing on fabric is one of the techniques I use a lot. If I want to make a small image and not go to the expense of buying printer fabric or such.
I make my own this way.
First gather freezer paper, a sheet of photograph paper , matte is best. Fabric. Lower picture.
To make the fabric adhere to the freezer paper I spray starch and iron it a couple of times.
This sample I will print 3x5".
Iron that to a piece of freezer paper little larger. On shiny side of course.
Cut fabric and paper neatly, no frays. second to bottom
Glue-stick the reverse side and center on the photo paper. see blue glue-stick center pic.
Photo paper is just to be a fairly firm support.
Make very sure the corners are glued down.
Go to computer program and image you want.
Print options should be centered and set to Inkjet setting.
I use Picasa3 because it has the features I use.
Now simply print the prepared fabric.
I peel off the image and iron it again.
The freezer paper can be used a few more times.
If you have no freezer paper, glue-stick the fabric right on the support paper and try it that way.


Jenxo said...

cool tutorial thanks you.....proper fabric printing paper can be so expensive to use.....

sjmcdowell said...

Hi lilla,

I have not tried the freezer paper method although it has been on my list of things to try this year. I have bought those fabric printer sheets from the stores and have had good results with them, but there is the expense as well with using them that I'm not keen on.

Thank you for this tutorial. As always you are so very generous with your knowledge and helpfull
with your techniques!!

Be well,


Caryl said...

Thank you for sharing this. I have wanted to print on fabric for ages. Please can you tell me, what is freezer wrap? Is that a type of plastic wrap?

Lilla said...

Freezer wrap is a butcher paper for wrapping things to freeze. It is waxed one side and plain other.
Not plastic wrap.

Jaqi said...

Thanks for sharing this, but please can i ask is there anyway to buy freezer paper as butchers here dont use it? it sounds very interesting