Sunday, March 6, 2011

The winner is...hold your breath

Rhonda. Congratulations, email address please.
Oh no! more ticking.

Picture is a hatbox , sold now, made from froths of scrim, silk and roses. Going to United Kingdom to a designer and collector.


Rhonda said...

WOO HOO - I am so excited! Thank you so much Lilla.

I've been outside painting some shabby pieces and distressing them. I got so wrapped up in my project and decided to check my messages.

Anything from you is like a kiss from an angel.

Createology said...


Terri Gordon said...

Congratulations Rhonda, I am so happy for you. Lilla your work is beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Rhondamum said...

Which Rhonda? My good friend Rhonda or me Rhonda?

Either way, we have both been big winners by finding each other and by finding you! I know you inspire us both a great deal.

xoxo, Rhonda aka RhondaMum

bikim said...

lovely blog!
Happy week,


parabens tudo muito lindo , que deus continue abençoando grandemente seus talentos beijos .