Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You want to see the inside?

Pizza box lid and contents . Will add more memories.
I used a box from CPK


Robin said...

It's gorgeous Lilla!


alveen said...

Who would have thought that a humble pizza box could be turned into such a beautiful treasure? You of course! (Your Kiwi ingenuity coming to the fore again). Love it.

Lottie said...

What amazing work Lilla - not been on the computer and have so missed you

Linda said...

A memory box. Very cool.

Thanks for the video of the little tiny purse. I was making little tea holders similar to this but your way of making these is so so so much simpler. Thank you so much!!! Best wishes.


Createology said...

The inside is as lovely as the outside. Lilla you really have a vision for excellence.

Anonymous said...

From trash to treasure. It looks brilliant. Love the woman picture inside from the 30's or 40's...Looks a little bit like Coco Chanel in her youth (:o) Elly

Rhonda said...

I sigh, to die for box covered and filled with laces.

Thank you for sharing your work, it's dreamy and so inspiring.