Saturday, May 14, 2011

Woad dyed dress and apron.

18" long, these pieces are wall art.
I made them from old lace and textiles, and took them to LA to a workshop I did at French General.
When I came home they were a bit too dark so then I had to fade them.
After all that, they looked really aged.!
Working on another set now because these have sold.


Pat Winter said...

I would actually wear that if it were my size,LOL. Lovely Lilla!!!

elly132002 said...

Can't believe it's wallart. Looks so wearable and cute. (:o)Elly

lilipopo said...

they really are beautiful


Rhonda said...

Very lovely, Lilla. I should send you an antique doll dress I found. You would create something gorgeous with it, I know.

Createology said...

These art pieces are fabulous. They really look very vintage. Your style is always so beautiful. Happy week to you...