Friday, July 15, 2011

Some art around the studio

Couple of odd things made recently.
I love pinwheels!


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I like your pinwheels...very nice!

Rhonda said...

All in my favorite color - pinwheels, I haven't seen one of these in a long time.

You are amazing.

Createology said...

I always love your art Miss Lilla. How fun to know you like pinwheels and this one is super. Wonderful weekend dear...

Lottie said...

My goodness you have been busy - busy making such beautiful works of art.

Absolutely stunning

от Олечки said...

What a beauty!

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi My friend Carmen sent me your site, I love altered art I too work with alot of ephemera book art and old recycled pieces of charm.
I am going to love to get to know you! My brother lives in Hawaii as well the main island!
come visit my Franch chic home!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Your so inovative Lilla, always busy making magic!

Thank you for taking time to look at my flickr (bag)as you can see I tend to overdo.

Debbi Thinks Deep said...

I think I recognize those tags! Of course I was looking for them! One of them has come to live with me! Thank you so much! It is perfectly wonderful! I wanted to make certain that you knew it was appreciated! You are having so much fun over there! I'm kinda jealous! :)