Sunday, August 7, 2011

Being a bit tinny

More of my rusted tins here.
I sat my birdy onto the rusty key hole plate and it looked so 'at home' I glued it there.
Tins are for re-cycling in my art life.
How about you?
Tomorrow I will put up a give away, keep watching.


Rhonda said...

I've been saving used tea bags, empty out the tea and using the wonderful stained paper. Thanks to you, it is a way to recycle in may art.

I also use so many vintage French book pages that I save the all the cuttings and rubber stamp them. I don't throw anything away unless it truly is useless.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Mee the bigest juice cans especially. Cute bird on the plate art.


Lottie said...

You managed to make such mundane things into art work treasures - I must have a go at this - later in the month, as I have visitors over from Japan staying at my son's home.