Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chair garland, little project

Make these for a birthday, or for a gift.
One for each chair at Thanksgiving table.
Fit words to theme.
I have used Bonne Nuit, and Happy birthday.
This is for a daughter who likes the phrase I used.
Find the letters you want, spread with tacky glue and then dust with silver glitter.
Hem a piece of burlap on each side.
Add long muslin ties to the ends
Glue on the sentiments, and enjoy.
In a guest room Bonne Nuit would be pretty draped across the pillow.
Recently I made one with purple glitter, Lavender and Lace.


Createology said...

Very personal way to celebrate. You are the clever one my dear. Happy Haunting Inspirations...

Charlene said...

I just found you & LOVE your work!!!! I saw your Moulin Rouge piece on Pintrest & had to check you out. Thanks for sharing. And by the way... I put you on my sidebar so I can see what you post new. Charlene

Rhonda said...

Let's get your ideas published, Lilla.

I'd buy your very first copy!!!