Thursday, December 1, 2011

Santa's workshop ornament

Little French sap bucket made from old sheet music.
Here is the pattern and a couple of finished pictures.

You need sturdy paper and a label.
Glitter glue and some thin wire for handle.
Tacky glue for construction.

To make the bucket, fold top to outside a cm or so, glue.
Fold sides to center back, overlap and glue.
Fold bottom about 2 cm. to back and glue that.
Add the label or use mine.
Spray whole thing with glitter glue in a translucent color.
Punch small holes in sides at top and thread through a wire hanger.
Hang somewhere with candy canes or straw like I used here.


sjmcdowell said...

A sweet idea Lilla!!!

Thank you so much!!



Lottie said...

Nice to have you back - and love your tutorials

Elly said...

Did you know that i was playing with old sheet of music for my table decoration? This bag fits perfect to my glittery napkin rings (:o)

Maggie said...

Sweet was the word that came to my mind also. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Createology said...

Lovely gift idea and thank you for sharing your how to. Jingle Bell Joys...

Linda said...

terrific idea. i'm going to try this one tonight.

imsteelefullofscrap said...

How cute where can I sign up to make sure I get your posts to my email??

Marsha Ward said...

Thank you thank you thank you.. Soo much!!! When I pinned something of yours a while back, and just came back around to follow the pin, I was SUPER excited to see it actually WORKED, and.. Even better, ... Your blog is still going strong in this same year!!! Lol, its not that often on Pinterest to actually see the pin go somewhere, and even less often that the blog is still active! I get super excited and figured I'd comment to say Hi! And, that you have a new follower, and also.. I love your work!!!! Thanks for the tutorials, I'm working on learning to sew, and can't wait til I can actually sew on my own, at home, and not want to scream, bc ill actually know what I'm doing!! Hahaa!!! And, I'm loving all the No Sew ones, too!