Friday, December 9, 2011

Tiptoe around a burlap stocking.

Here are some tips to make your own stocking.
I made this easy with a contemporary look.
Enlarge or reduce my pattern.
Cut 2 burlap and 2 from muslin.
Cut 4" strip of green print for the cuff
Decorate the front of the stocking how you like.
Stack the pieces --- burlap, muslin, muslin, burlap, front is right side up.
Serge or zigzag all around edges except for top.
No need to turn, the look is clean and modern.
Fold cuff in half and fit to size of top, join and press.
Slip inside stocking, raw edges even.
Turn to outside and hand sew down to hold.
Add a hanger and any decorations you like.
Now go make one and show me yours.

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