Thursday, February 16, 2012

Phone helper project

This is embarrassingly easy.
I always save the cut-offs of paper and other scraps.
Tear with a ruler to deckle edges and stack in a little pile
Not too thick. Different sizes fine.
Staple close to top to hold together.
Now the trick, run the sewing machine along the top of the pile, no thread in machine.
This will perforate paper for easy tear offs. Just fold and tear, when you write a phone message or a shopping list or number.
Make cover:
tear scrap fabric as long as front of tablet, fold in thirds, glue one third to back.
Attach trims to front, sew or glue along top of pad.
Attach small loop to back so it can be held or pulled from under a mess, like near my phone.


Createology said...

Great use of all the "scraps" others would just toss. Love how you perforated the paper. I actually have a rotary blade that does that same thing. Great idea...

Rhonda said...

Amazing, you think of everything. I adore this so much!

Lottie said...

How ingenious - you are brilliant Lilla.

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