Wednesday, February 15, 2012

scrap craft coming up.

I do re-cycle and make lots of little phone helpers.
Made them forever and decided to gussy them up just a bit.
Soon as I take some pics I will post the project.
Meanwhile if you want to collect stuff, need glue, sewing machine and scraps cut off various papers like ledger or printer sheets, I always cut off the plain parts if I print something.
Also fabric and trim scraps. Small bits.

I have to swim in my master class most of the day so it will be later.
See if you can guess the item.

1 comment:

Lottie said...

Gosh you are so imaginative and come up with the most amazing work. Maybe it's a little book or a 'packet' of some sort to store some treasures. But there again it could be some of those amazing tags that you make.

Can't wait to see