Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not PT 109

I have a project request for my fabric boat.
I could not think what it was about, not my usual item at all.
Going way back however I found the project I was involved in with a group from NZ and Scotland.
So here are some recent pictures and the old one too.
It is the paper folded boat you all know how to make at school.
You can search for paper boats and find plenty. If you need a refresher.
I made most of mine from handmade paper.

Here is how I did it.

Use printer paper sized fabric, 2 pieces, iron together with 'wonder under' then trim to size.
Fold as usual.
Iron each crease and add some glue stick in the folded corners.
I sew around the top when done for more stability.
Sew or glue on a word. Here I used a number cut off the selvedge.


Createology said...

How clever to create a fabric boat.

Carol ann said...

Thank you Lilla
Carol ann