Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wall pocket and doll

Made this pocket to hang on a wall, in my frayed French way.

Book made of fabric and french papers sits in pocket.

Martha the Prim doll is sold. Boo hoo!



Createology said...

Oh La La lacylicious.

Maelchen said...

Hi, a wonderful good morning from far away Germany. First thing I found in my PC today were the images of your beautiful pocket and booklet. They are both very inspiring and if I find time today, I know what to start. I find it hard, however, that you don't share the inside of the booklet with us. This makes me even more curious. Maybe in another post? Have a nice day, dear ???, greets, Manu

Wanda said...

Inspiring as always

linda smith said...

i love the doll u have a way of making things beautiful