Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tiny me

There I am trying to hide in the group from the Jello workshop.
I am wearing some art, my DaVinci T
They sent such a small picture but that suits me.
I am camera shy, big-time.
Lovely gals, all getting along so artfully.

Kids workshop today. More pics later.


Createology said...

You are very tiny. By the smiles on everyone's faces you all had a fabulous gelatin class. Happy creating...

The English Romantic said...

We can see you Lilla, no place to hide. I would be in the back row almost hidden.

Rhonda said...

Look at you, your haircut is adorable, Lilla. As bright as you shine, you will always stand out in a crowd.

Lilla said...

comments so kind.
I seem to be unable to avoid pics, so hide as much as they let me. Usually get pushed into the picture.
Could be a grimace, not a smile!!