Saturday, June 30, 2012

And we can fly to the green forest, collage project

I made a collage for you to create if you would like.
Very easy and few supplies.
Begin with a page torn from an old book and some brown paper to back it.
Other things to find, a doily, folded, and some vintage flowers attached.
Frayed lace and threads.
A knotted piece of twine
Flower pictures from an old calendar, torn into about 6 small bits.
Glue and sewing machine if you want to stitch like I did.
Printed sentiment for label.

Twist the wire hanger around a pencil and use masking tape to secure to backing.
Sew or glue on the other items in a pleasing collage, make it your own.
Show me if you made one.


Createology said...

You certainly are teaching this month...even here on the blog. Love your collage. Holiday Hugs...

suziqu's thread works said...

What a simply delightful idea Lilla.
Now I WILL have to create one!
Thanks for sharing this!
Have a pleasant Sunday,