Monday, June 11, 2012

A project

Let me know if you make this.
A French Lavender Cone.
In Provence I see them made from old newsprint, I gave them a twist of my own.
So take some burlap, line with pieced paper and roll up.
Use very little glue, just a dab will do it.
The look is supposed to be loose and spontaneous.
I added double twine to hang it by and tied a knot of some of the burlap frays.
Of course it needed a lace bit tied to one side.


little brick house said...

It's lovely. I really like it

Ella said...

Thank you Lilla!
I'm off to gather items to make some of these~

Createology said...

Simple and elegant. Love this!

eszter said...

Beautiful! Thanks♥

Rhonda said...

Provence envy, is what I have.
Love this burlap cone.

Barbara Lilian said...

What a lovely simple idea, I will certainly try this one, as a different way to offer a tiny posy of lavender, Thank you Lilla.