Tuesday, August 7, 2012

re-cycle book

Made a scrap book or glue book with about 4 grocery 'brown bags'
Lots of pages ready to use.
I made the cover keeping it simple.
Binding is sewn and then wrapped with scrim, very old lace, a flower I created, and some old ball trim.
To give the pages a worn look and to soften them I soaked them in water and crushed them a little before putting on my Lanai to dry.


Createology said...

Miss Lilla it is always your special touches of creativity that add just the perfect touch to your pieces. This is lovely in its simplicity.

bohemiannie! art said...

OMGoodness that's gorgeous.

Rhonda said...

You can make a bag look amazingly beautiful, Lilla.

I love the simpleness of a paper bag.

Hope you are well - xo Rhonda

suziqu's thread works said...

So beautiful in all its simplicity!
I love working with recycled paper bags too!
x Suzy

Lottie said...

Absolutely gorgeous - I wish we got our shopping in brown bags over here.

what an origal way to use them

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking the manner in which you transform ordinary items into beauty.

Maggie R said...

Simply Beautiful Lilla..
Are the pages the brown paper?
The cover is so delicate.

Laura said...

Hi Lilla, I like your re- cycle vintage book a lot. It is beautiful.

SuZ Stuff said...

just lovely!