Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Anthro inspiration

Found in Hawaii but inspired by the Anthro store.
We do not have the boutique in Hawaii, maybe some day.

Here is a version made by a clever local girl.

So I have been making some book art in my spare time.
It is not a fast craft but looks great when done.


Createology said...

My Grandma used to fold book pages into amazing shapes and pieces. That was many decades ago and I have none of her pieces to enjoy. Seeing these is a great reminder of my beloved Grandma. Thank you for sharing Miss Lilla.

Rhonda said...

√Ānthropologie is such an incredible store. I remember the first one in Chicago. I could not stop talking about it. Been hooked ever since. That was over 12 years ago. Love book art in any form.

Anonymous said...

Who would think such interesting art could be made this way. Love all the shapes.