Friday, November 30, 2012

CQ purse

I called this 'Islands in the Sun' a label on the back has the words printed.
This is a modified version of crazy quilting.
I do this when I am feeling a bit lazy.  Don't laugh.
Anyway     sold.


Vintage Gypsy said...


A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Lilla
I think it is a brilliant idea! I love crazy quilting. And by the way, I have had your blog link on my left sidebar for several months! (It is further down on my blog page). And I know you are the same Lilla I just purchased the pdf. from...funny how that happened!
I do love and adore your creativity!
Teresa in California

The English Romantic said...

I love that kind of CQ it frees the mind and I've used it lots to great effect in my books.
Love all your creations ans especially your little bio in your last post.
Hugs, Angela.

Elizabeth said...

Luscious!!! No<Laughs just admiration, inspiration and delight!!!

Linda said...

So elegant and doesn't look like lazines at all. Always happy to see what you are creating.

Terri said...

Beautiful! What a mixture of textures and colors! I love the name you gave it as well.

Createology said...

Lovely Miss Lilla. I cannot imagine you being lazy with all you create and share.

Lottie said...

It's rich and luscious and just perfect for winter - and sold already!