Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some answers

If you are curious I do sleep, at least 10 hours. I also do charity work, swim in a team and a synchro group and read and write and do crosswords.
 I  know people ask how I get so much done.   Firstly I am organized and have a good supply of all I need.
  I never sit at projects, I am a fidget, so I work in snatches of time, a few minutes before I  go to workout and after a rest a few more.
In the eves. when the light is not so good, I finish up some hand sewing in front of a little bit of TV.
 Have checked it out in the daylight before hand,
Today I spent the morning having coffee with a friend and she showed me her latest Sashiko quilting, a lovely bag.
Gee I am tired just writing this.
Some more bio., I live in Hawaii as you know, so it is easy to goof off and go to Waikiki.
Take in some sun and sand, peruse the shops and have a mai- tai under a banyan tree.

The chalice was photographed on my old rustic box. See photo.
Above is another of my matchbox pendants..


Lottie said...

Great to hear that you have a busy life - which I always just 'knew'

It keeps mind and body healthy doesn't it.

A proverb I read years ago was 'If you want something done, always ask a busy person'. I was very young at the time and it didn't quite make sense - until I was older, went to work, then had a family, run a nursery, helped out teaching craft at schools voluntarily - as so it went on. Somehow if you are busy it makes you more organised I think and you just managed to cram in more things.

I just adore these works of art - the lady is one of my favourite images.

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh I love the top of that box with that fantastic image!
You sound as busy as me Lilla and I only manage 7 hrs each night. I'm a real early bird!
You seem to have a nice balance in your life of playing and exercising and socialising!
Hugs from here,

Anonymous said...

There is a saying along the lines:-
if you want something done, ask a busy person and I'd say those words are so true.
You obviously have a fulfilled life yet still manage to find plenty of creative time. Which we are glad of as we benefit from when you share your creations with us.

Linda said...

Even with the best of organizational skills, you still accomplish alot! I tend to work on something then leave then come back and so on. Especially if I can't figure out what I want to do next.

Createology said...

You are amazing Miss Lilla. It is refreshing to hear more about you and how you manage to fill your days. Sounds like you have the perfect balance of all that life should be. Bless you dear...

Pat C. said...

How lovely it was to learn a little bit about you, Lilla.♥ We have much in common, with our love of reading, writing, and crossword puzzles. I certainly do admire your desire to keep physically active; the most physically active part of my body is my mouth (I love to talk as much as I love to write - hehe!)

Your newest matchbox pendant is so pretty! Like Lottie and suziqu, I am enchanted by the beautiful image on the cover.♥


Rhonda said...

With all the creating you do, I presumed you hardly slept. I would so be a night owl if I could. Oh how nice the beach sounds right this minute.