Saturday, January 26, 2013

I must be jinxed

I have not received the address.....again, for my last give away.
Similar to the pocket folder here.
I have no idea why but this is the last  give away I will do.


Shirley said...

I am so sorry to hear that; really makes one wonder sometimes why certain people don't follow-through. Oh, I just wish I had won; you would have heard from me in a heartbeat. I so admire your generosity.

Rhonda said...

Nah, you are not jinxed, it happens with my give aways all the time. Hard to believe some do not follow up on the winnings. I've emailed a few to say, HEY, you've won but stopped doing that and keep or sell the item. You can't wait forever.

A true follower will know they've won. I realize life gets busy but it's their loss if they don't follow up.

How anyone could not claim a gift from you is beyond belief, to me.

xo Rhonda

Createology said...

Glad to hear you now have Dawn's address. You are not jinxed Miss Lilla. I hope you continue to share your beautiful creations.

Di said...

Oh Lilla, remember the same thing happened to me. We love your work. I was faithfully waiting for my beautiful creation that I had won after I sent my email. Only to find out it was lost in lala land!! I was so pleased to have you send me my beautiful lady.
I am somewhat relieved it happened to someone else but know Dawn is right on it and she would not want you to be discouraged. Much love, Di

Annette said...

well I wish I was the winner, I would speak u and say yea I won thank you . I hate that you will stop having prizes. Your work is beautiful xoxoxox

Wendy said...

So sorry to hear that...your creations are so inspiring! If it had been me that one I would have contacted you immediately to let you know my addy! That way I could be sitting in great expectation of receiving such a lovely win!

Rebecca Ednie said...

Please don't feel jinxed. One problem may be that Some of us get your emails in a digest format with several other blog's new posts. These are long emails so I don't always have time to read them right away. A winner who doesn't contact you right away may have the same issue. Just a thought. I'd be privileged to win something youve made.