Saturday, February 9, 2013

Journal for a french lady

24 pages, all complete. Love this style of journal. 
Tabs are twill with words applied.
Sold very quickly so I have only this memory


Lottie said...

My goodness you have had a very productive Saturday

I love the transformation of the purse in you last post - and what can I say about this journal - I've run out of superlatives!

You are the Queen of ramontic journals - no one can come anywhere near your fabulous creations.

suziqu's thread works said...

Love this style of journal very much too and, yes, I can see why it is hard to part with it Lilla!

teri said...

She's lovely.

Createology said...

You are the most productive and creative lady I follow Miss Lilla. This journal is breathtaking.

Linda said...

beautiul! love the idea of the twill tags.

Violet Ethier said...

I just love seeing your latest lovely creations! Look forward to each and every post, you are so creative and productive..
Violet in Canada

Rhonda said...

I'm never to busy to stop in an see your beautiful creations, Lilla.

I see you've made another journal that tugs at my heart.

Wendy said...

how I wish we could see the other pages... :)
Love it, it's beautiful!

hugs, Wendy